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XTRUMP is a XRPL token that directly powers services, namely XTRUMP services, provided by XTRUMP team.

XTRUMP services are designed to help XRPL token projects interact with token holders in much more interesting ways, and strengthen the transparency about the token statistics to the community. For examples, token issuers can use XTRUMP services to organize their giveaway events by using voting or betting services. They can also create staking/yield farming-like events to reward the holders. Or they can use funny games provided on XTRUMP website to create daily faucet functionality for their token. XTRUMP services’ most important mission is to bring more utilities to meme tokens on XRPL.

Examples of XTRUMP services are:
XTRUMP Validator: XTRUMP will run at least one XRPL validator node started from end of Jan 2022. The XRPL validator node is to contribute to the XRPL community and help XTRUMP services run smoothly. XTRUMP team will run more validator nodes if the demand of XTRUMP services requires.

XTRUMP Faucet: XTRUMP Faucet is a service allowing XTRUMP holders to receive daily rewards in different ways such as playing games, solving quizzes, etc. The service is also available to public users so any token issuers can use the service on XTRUMP website to reward daily tokens to their token holders.

XTRUMP VOTE: Service to organize voting events that could be used for staking or giveaway purpose.

XTRUMP BET: Service to organize betting events that could be used for giveaway, betting or combine purpose.

XTRUMP DeFi: Service to provide DeFi-like activities for XRPL tokens.

XTRUMP Toolkit: Service to provide useful tools, e.g. AirDrop tool, data analytics tool, etc. for XTRUMP holders and public uses.

XTRUMP services are not only designed to work with XTRUMP but also available for public uses. More specifically, any token issuers can use XTRUMP services for their tokens in the same way as we use the services to support our XTRUMP holders. See the XTRUMP SERVICE section of the Whitepaper for more information about what XTRUMP can provide to the community.

XTRUMP services will be launched sequentially during Jan 2022.

The project does not require token purchase to be eligible for airdrop.

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  1. TRUMPer is here. Wishing you allnof the best with your project and may you go and grow from strenght to strenght!
    Happy to be here..

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  2. Amazing project! Excited to see the future of Xtrump, one of the best XRPL tokens, on the ledger. Thank you for helping me with the instrctioms. I really appreciate it. ?

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  3. Looming forward to this projects full potential. One of the best XRPL tokens! Very confident in this project.

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  4. Love XTRUMP from the start, loving it even more when I read the whitepaper… XTRUMP surely will go beyond the moon! Good Job guys!

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  5. Trumper is here. XTrump the moon. This is a solid project

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  6. Hello Sir XTrump until now I’ll holding your project, let’s go to the moon ??

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