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XList Coin (XList)

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XList is a utility token that runs on the decentralized XRP Ledger (XRPL) network which will allow XList holders to vote to determine which exchanges that XList gets listed on. Our mission is to help and promote other XRPL projects through collaboration and by offering them financial support through our main project utility.

XList holders play a very important role in the direction of our project as they will decide through their voting power on what exchanges we will list on. We want our investors to feel like they are part of our team as this will lead to a highly successful outcome for all stakeholders. We believe our project has huge potential and since launching our token on 16th April 2022 we have had an extremely positive response and reaction from the community including the exchanges and XRPL projects that we have already approached.

Our project will offer huge growth potential from the start as our focus and priority is the needs of our investors. We aim to do what is in the best interests of the project and investors long term. The decision not carry out any airdrops and giveaways at the start of our project launch will provide the XList a very strong foundation when investors receive their tokens.

Our growth strategy through regular exchange listings and careful planning will appeal to genuine investors. XList will only be available for purchase in the presales stages then after distribution is completed to early buyers, we will move on to offering them rewards through staking which will help continue to grow the value of XList. We will help the community understand the meaning of investing with good profit results at the end.

We plan to have a very active involvement with the community and other XRPL projects. Our full website will be designed and built professionally right after the presales distribution and our new team of developers will be put in place and start working on integrating the voting platform which will allow XList holders to vote securely using their Xumm wallets with their XList tokens. No XList will be spent or taken when voting, only the balance being used to record the number of votes. Within the first two months we plan for XList to be listed on our first central exchange alongside the XRPL project that wins the first XList vote during presales. NVL and XList holders will then be able to start earning rewards through staking on the exchange.

Once the XList voting platform is up and running which we expect will be live in the first 2 or 3 months after the presales then the voting will start and exchange listings will commence every two months thereafter. We will introduce new additional services and options after the first three XList votes (6 months) and onwards that will help grow and further the development of the XList project as well as the XRPL projects that collaborate with us.

In the first three years we expect to have a strong team behind the original two founders. Our goal is for XList to be listed on 18 central exchanges in this period and for us to have helped numerous XRPL projects. During this time, we plan to keep the community well informed with relevant and up-to-date news, provide progress reports on the projects that got help with funding and listed through us at the exchanges, listen to all comments and address any concerns from our investors and help share their experience with us to the community.


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The project does require token purchase to be eligible for airdrop.

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  1. XList Coins first holders vote is now complete and StaykX was voted to get listed on Bitrue!
    Trading for XList on Bitrue starts June 6/22 at 10am UTC

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