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MLNToken (MLN)

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Moon Light Night (MLN) is a groundbreaking platform created to bridge the gap for upcoming artists to break into the global art industry. It is a robust ecosystem of solutions that leverages cutting-edge blockchain technology to solve the problems they face in the industry.

The MLN project efficiently eliminates the constraints that artists struggle with within the early phases of their careers. These issues typically revolve around gaining recognition for their work and access to art enthusiasts, buyers, and investors who can support the artist’s career with their patronage.

The primary purpose of the Moon Light Night project is to create a better life for millions of artists who are entirely unaware of the plentiful opportunities that await them in the world of NFTs.

The MLN project is the middle ground where artists can meet directly with art enthusiasts, private investors and other key players in the global art market.

To enjoy the fantastic features of MLN, artists only need to register on the platform and upload a sample of their artwork.

We will put these artworks for display in our website’s gallery, where art enthusiasts, buyers, investors and sponsors frequently come to scout for fresh talent and exquisite artwork. In other words, MLN is a launchpad that projects the artworks of artists from developing countries to the screens of the wealthy and powerful vital players who have the means and wherewithal to support their careers.

Artists from developing countries in Africa, South Asia and the Middle East will no longer be limited to their local markets for recognition and patronage. MLN can help catapult them into the global art market, where they will be paid their full worth.

The MLN platform is structured such that if an investor, art collector or enthusiast is impressed by an artist’s sample, they can sponsor the artist to create a collection of their artwork and release them as NFTs.

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