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Making green energy Affordable Today, green energy is the economic choice. Life-time costs of new solar, onshore, and offshore wind energy generation are lower than those of new-build coal, gas, and nuclear power plants.For offshore wind energy alone, the cost in Europe has dropped by 63% since 2012.

SOLUTIONS Greenfuel renewable energy solutions are leading the green transition Our green solutions range from wind power to solar energy and storage solutions, large scale power purchase agreements to cutting edge renewable hydrogen solutions.

The lower fees, fast transaction speeds, and custom token functionalities make XRP Ledger a perfect platform to integrate Greenfuel ecosystem.

The greenfuel eccosystem has been designed from the ground up with scalability in mind and the underlying architecture has only been improved over time.

XRP Ledger helps move greenfuel tokens around the world faster, cheaper and more sustainably than any other blockchain.

Greenfuel chose to build on the XRP Ledger given its performance, scalability and inherently green attributes. The XRP Ledger was built with sustainability in mind and is one of the first major carbon neutral blockchains. Due to its Federated Consensus algorithm, the XRPL is significantly more energy efficient compared to proof-of-work blockchains and ensures low-cost transactions.

Key focus points of greenfuel.energy include the role of climate change and climate security, the prevention and mitigation of illicit financial transactions, and on carbon emission initiatives using blockchain technology to bring transparency to carbon accounting by avoiding double counting of emission redtions or removals.

XRP Ledger is the first-ever widespread decarbonization of a public blockchain, addressing a significant environmental challenge for blockchain technologies around the world.

The pioneering innovation has been achieved using technology from The Energy Web Foundation.

This initial deployment uses energy attribute certificates (EACs) from renewable energy assets to decarbonize the blockchain’s electricity use.

The project does require token purchase to be eligible for airdrop


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