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SAVE on XRPL is an investment cooperative built upon sustainable growth. By investing in each ...Read more

SAVE on XRPL is an investment cooperative built upon sustainable growth. By investing in each other and securing real value, we will pave the path to mutual success together. SAVE holders are empowered to propose amendments and vote on changes to SAVE on XRPL. With a
commitment to community first, SAVE reinvests 100% of earnings, offers a guaranteed 100% buyback, and will never drop in value.

XRPL has long been the victim of relentless automated predatory trading of tokens for malice and profit. Unfortunately, the blockchain allows for this behavior. All XRPL tokens have felt the impact of such trading. It resulted in significant loss of equity across the ecosystem. All too often, projects find themselves drained of capital with no reserve to protect themselves and their investors.

SAVE on XRPL believes the price of a token never has to drop. Ever. Too many investors have found themselves trapped in an investment due to a bear market or poor liquidity. SAVE has a plan to defend against predatory trading by offering a higher-than-average sale price, a slow controlled release of tokens, and a buyback policy that ensures every sale results in a 10% return to the token value. While other projects focus on giveaways, price pumps, and rewards.

SAVE has chosen to focus on the storage and growth of value.

Can a community of investors work together to create mutual wealth?

  • SAVE is a community driven token that reinvests 100% of its weekly earnings back into the community.
  • The token will always have a buy order for 100% of the circulating supply at 90% the current sale order price
  • The buy order price will never decrease. Ever.
  • The sale order price will never increase more than 1 XRP a week.

Why do projects need airdrops, promotions, and salaries?

  • SAVE on XRPL has eliminated giveaways.
  • Eliminated promotions.
  • Will never pay a salary.
  • No overhead period (except for this donated website)

Why does the price of a token have to drop?

  • SAVE on XRPL believes a token price never has to drop.
  • Don’t get trapped by a bear market or poor liquidity.
  • SAVE always offers a 100% buyback of tokens at 90% of the current sale price.

Project SAVE on XRPL is an experiment in the collective appreciation of value.

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The official token of Game On! Innovation, ...Read more

The official token of Game On! Innovation, Crypto. XGO! is a token, run on and secured by the XRP network (XRPL). Game On! token is a currency and only payment option for a private island ecosystem, tied to an investment fund that can be used to pay for different activities available such as Diving, Sailing & Fishing charters, Underwater restaurant dining, Parasailing, Jet Skis , ATV’s along with a vast amount of activities available. Game On! token can be used to make everyday common purchases once you arrive on the island.

The project does require token purchase to be eligible for airdrop

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Ferda Network aim to create a ...Read more

Ferda Network aim to create a level play market where users will be able to get rewarded for attention 24/7 The Ferda Network is a smart contract network that uses XRPL. This implies it can combine a number of great qualities to create a decentralized application ecosystem for the #Web3. In a nutshell, Ferda is designed to help businesses to scale into XRP with a platform designed for a sustainable future, with the goal of assisting people in working better together, trusting one another, and developing global answers to global challenges. Ferda brings a new standard in technology – open and inclusive – to challenge the old and activate a new age of sustainable, globally-distributed innovation We envisage FRD a related technologies as a future aspect of web 3.0 standards, solving the critical challenge of selling content and getting paid for every interaction. Ferda Network Will be implemented in 4 steps :

CarnavaL: Attention Marketplace

  • Ciela : Business Management Dashbord
  • Votao : Multiple Voting System
  • Nftique : NFT Market App
  • Ferda : Social Network App

We propose FRD as a medium of exchange in a secure, opt-in social interaction ecosystem based on the Ferda Network With FRD Token network users, Content Creators, Advertisers, and Marketplace transactions are all possible with the FRD system.

Snapshot date:  05/15/2022

The project does not require token purchase to be eligible for airdrop

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