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We started this project with a team of 4 enthusiastic members who have been ...Read more

We started this project with a team of 4 enthusiastic members who have been active in the XRPL network for quite some time. We are all living in the Netherlands and started a collaboration, due to regular Rug pulls by tokens in the XRPL network. This is annoying for everyone and therefore we started a new coin.

Mission & Vision

XLoyalitY stands for Loyalty to the buyer and us as a team. We want to develop a stable coin by not doing a standard airdrop. By having a weekly reward for holders, we want to reward people every week for trusting our coin. We are going up weekly with our tiers, to increase the market volume. Beforehand we want to do a short pre-sale to give everyone
equal chances to buy our XLoyalitY coin.

Through this system we want to give stability in our token on the XRPL network. By incentivizing with giveaways and NFTs we want to keep buyers happy.

We are an active team working with Telegram and Twitter. We will manage these and be available to our holders for questions. There will also be additional administrators in the group to keep everyone happy. Our Telegram community will showcase games, give-away promotions, twitter posts and social skills. Together we want to give a stable and loyalty to our coin.

If the coin is stable and some of our circulating coins are in circulation and bought up. We want to get a listing on a major exchange. We are working towards a large reach of buyers to form a large and enthusiastic community together.

The project does require token purchase to be eligible for airdrop

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