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A Decentralized XRPL TOKEN with an Evolving Meta Proof Ecosystem
Fueling technology and innovation for a brighter tomorrow.
We drive to create a more sustainable, equitable world – The Knightly Way.

Meta Knight 360 is the home of do-gooders of all classes, who want to channel their passion for expanding access to technology and protecting the planet into tangible action that improves our world. Being community-driven we are innovating for good. Building Defi, GameFi, and NFT products to derive new kinds of value from crypto technology and apply it to improve the quality of life on this planet.

The Meta Knight 360 Token is designed to evolve as it grows making it an ideal long-term shield against inflation. It has burning features and armed with a reflection mechanism to give passive gains for the holders. Holders can just sit and relax while their balance of MetaKnight360 grows indefinitely.

The project does not require a token purchase to be eligible for airdrop.

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